Tourist Tips

Here are some tips that we have found helpful during our stays in Florida:

Publix, the local supermarket, has many great prepared meals for your long days at the parks. You can pick up a roasted chicken or some of their many great salads and side dishes on your way back from the parks. Eating in with your fully equipped kitchen will surely save you money.

If you are traveling with small children, you may find it helpful to come back to the villa for lunch as well. Lunches in the parks can become quite costly. Also, by coming back to the villa, you and your whole family can recharge, relax, and refresh with a dip in the pool!

When you go to any of the parks, especially Disney, try to go towards the left after entering. Most people will travel to get on the rides towards the right side of the park, so this will help you get on the good rides faster. For example, when entering the Magic Kingdom, many people will head to the right towards Space Mountain - if you go to the left, you will have little to no wait time for Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain!

Apply the same principle when getting in a queue. If you have a choice of lanes to wait in, select the left lane. Many people are right-handed and naturally will veer to the right, thus making your time in the left lane a lot shorter!

Have a tip? Let us know!


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